Generations of Warriors Project and Team "Go Warriors"

Hi Friends,...

I want to take a few moments and give the new updates and shout outs from Spencer, my boss / partner from Generations of Warriors Project (GOWP) . Hmm, where to start,...

Spencer has been very busy in many different activates in his Washington State community. He has met with many fellow Veterans from his time during the Vietnam War, as well as a verity of the younger warriors coming back from today's wars. During these get together, great conversations were made and many fresh idea's on how to help those with PTSD was discussed..

Just last year he spoke with groups of people, educating the public and advocating for our wounded warriors, even when the room may have had only a few people attending. As time went on, more and more started listening and participating in the conversation. Early this year he was the Honorary Guest Speaker at a red Cross function. He has by his own hand, has written material that's not only personal, but gives a bird's eye view into the world of war, what it's like living in that world and more importantly, what that warriors bring back from their experience's.

Generations of Warriors Project has grown so much since Spencer set out on his mission to reach out and make a difference for the good, even if it only would help one returning veteran. GOWP now has pamphlets, many useful resources, and offers people the opportunity to join in on discussions and take active action bettering the lives of our wounded. I am also excited to announce GOWP now has produced and released 3 different 30 second audio commercials focusing on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) & traumatic brain injuries (TBI's).

The most difficult and daunting project GOWP has taken on, is our cross-country veteran rally, the "Big Orange" Orange standing for,... "It is Our Responsibilities And National Goals Eneterprise" This fantastic idea came to Spencer and he asked me to help him along,... Even though I been networking and participating in activates regarding our Military for 2 years, I knew this mission was going to be tough and we were going to need more people. We have formed a team of people, that has gone above and beyond offering their experiences, services and/or skills. Even though our team is rather small at the moment, our team is determined and dedicated to the goals GOWP has set forth. Right now is crunch time for us regarding the vet rally, GOWP sets off in Sept. of this year, and we are reaching out asking for volunteers to help us successfully achieve this project.

We invite everybody who has interest in helping our wounded warriors, whether your a veteran, a friend or family member of a veteran, a concerned citizen, young or old, we would sincerely appreciate any help or assistance you may have to offer. We need flyer's passed out throughout communities, we need people willing to write letters, make phone calls, and other little things that makes such a big difference. We are also looking for sponsors, speakers and a independent film makers to follow along and document GOWP cross country journey. We would like to expand and build our networking teams, including having more doctors, counselor’s, advacates, organizations and others that have useful and reliable information & resources to share. But those one's we most want to connect with is other veterans, for they are the most deserving, of every little gift one can offer to them, starting out by personally thanking them for our freedoms.

To take part in this incredible team contact me at and on the subject line write Go Warriors. You can also connect to Team "Go Warriors" over on Twitter at:

We also have just opened a new online forum / chat room called Team Go Warriors. It is free and so easy to access, it's going to be a very valuable tool when it comes to "staying on the same page" so to speak with others. This forum allows one to post and read the posting of others, it can also be used as a live chart room for discussions. It is secure and private and only those invited by mail can access the forum. You are also allowed to personally send email invites out to your friends. If your interested send me an email with your request to join and I'll get that invite sent out to you. It will also be very useful for sharing projects and / or links you wish to be promoted !!!

Also I want to take this opportunity to share with you some really terrific links and resources, you may find insightful, useful and helpful.

Ken Jones - Vietnam Veteran and PHD

Author of2 FREE down loadable PDF ebooks about PTSD for our troops, veterans, their families and concerned citizens. "Life After Combat" and "When Our Troops Come Home".

Life After Combat "describes the process of being traumatized by combat"

When Our Troops Come Home - "describing the inner journey toward recovery from combat induced PTSD" This was written while Ken was recovering from his own combat induced PTSD

You may also be interested in,..

"Heart conversations" with Ken Jones and loved ones of returning soldiers. Conversations with Melissa Seligman and Christina Piper the creators of "Her War. Her Voice ! ".

Meilissa a Military wife is the author of the book, "The Day After He Left for Iraq."

In her bio she writes,...
"Three deployments and constant separations have nearly broken us. Our marriage has been pushed to the brink of divorce. But we thrive. And, after many separations, I have finally realized one thing: We are in charge of our marriage. Not the military. And certainly not a deployment".

Christina is a Military wife and a retired five year veteran herself, in her self bio she writes,..
"I have been through three deployments in five years. I have been an FRG leader and a POC and sometimes both at the same time. I stand with my husband, proud of the work that he does. After all the separations, I still love my husband and my life, but I wonder all the time how many times can I do this? When will it stop and why does it keep getting harder to send him off? I know I can handle a separation due to a deployment, but will he return the next time? I am fighting for my marriage and my family. This is my war. I am a military wife."

*Both quotes taken from Her War, Her Voice website in the "about us" section.

Derek Neuts - OIF Veteran - Focusing on Veterans "Transition and Reintegration Issues"

Derek is a active veterans' advocate. Currently researching and writing veterans-related articles on transition and reintegration issues. He also offers his "Life Coaching Services" to fellow service members and their family. Derrek shares a lot of insight into the issues veterans face through his writings on - Suite 101 "Insightful writers, Informed readers"

Here's some of his artical's thats worth reading and passing along to others,...

Veteran PTSD and Higher Education – Accommodations and Awareness
"Returning veterans are enrolling in college at an increased rate. What does this mean for universities, and how can they accommodate these unique students?"

Veteran Trauma on Campus – Healing Partnerships in Academia
"Veteran students are creatively handling their trauma in the classroom, but are universities understanding their own role in healing our wounded warriors?"

Understanding Veteran Students in Vocational Rehabilitation
"Veteran students attending college under the Chapter 31 program face unique challenges which academic professionals must understand to make accommodation"s.