Gulf War Syndrome

I just got done watching one of the most informational films regarding GWS Gulf War Syndrome and just wanted to share it with you. This film starts off with a powerful radio address given by President Kennedy July 26th, 1963 speaking of hope, remembering 18 years back into the past the Vietnam War, when nuclear weapons changed the course of the road. He spoke of the radioactive hazards and the effects it would have beyond his lifetime. It reminds me of how important it is to revisit the past, and take what we have learned and apply it to the future, so we don't repeat the wrongs of bad decisions. President Kennedy spoke of the children who have cancer in their bones and leukemia in the blood and poisons in their lungs and said it is not a natural health hazard.

The TRUTH Uncovered

This film covers All the bases when it comes to the Gulf War Syndrome,... In fact it is so detailed I'll just touch on a few things here,...

*Symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome - Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, respitory distress, unsteadiness, severe body pains with flu like symptoms, skin infections, fatigue, tongue and gums spilt open, rashes, itching, panic attacks, loss weight, joints ache, bowl problems, thyroid problems,  and memory problems are just a few symptoms.

* Stigma's the women veterans were faced with - The women Warriors were constantly having to prove they were just as strong as the men were, which
  led them not to seek treatment when they became ill.
* The White House and Blue Ribbon panels claimed for over a decade, those symptoms was nothing more than PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, because they were depressed for being deployed.  (Which I might add,.. Is a Insult to our Brave Men and Women !!! They never run from danger or evil itself,.. In fact,.. They run towards it !!! )

* Now years later and after dozen scientific studies it has been proven that what there were exposed to in the Gulf Theater, is what led up to them getting Gulf War illness.

The film then turns to asking the hard questions why are they suffering and what can be done to help them.  The truth is becoming clearer and many more people are listening now.

 *They address the fact that the government has taken no responsibility and over half that served, has came back with GWS and are refused treatment.

* A department from the Secretary of Defense began a public campaign to cause confusion regarding GWS, in fact there was a document called Operation Bronze Anvil that laid out their battle plan to cause this confusion.  The first thing they did was referring Gulf War Illness as Gulf War Syndrome.  Big difference between an Illness and a Syndrome,...but by them doing this, it made it invalid for the scientists.
* Reports come out saying the troops were not exposed to chemical and bio chemicals, in fact they destroyed a building with weapons in it and it was found to be nerve gas.

* Another Soldier refused to put his men in the water because he seen all the dead fish and being a marine biologist he recognized it as a chemical poisoning that killed those fish.

* Iraq received chemical weapons from the U.S. government when we were assisting Sadam Hussein, they believe those some of those weapons were used against the Troops.

* Their chemical suits our troops wore, that was suppose to protect them, were found defective and useless.

* They have evidence that 14,000 times the chemical detectors went off, however every time our troops were told it was a false alarm.  However those who served will tell you that they were not false alarms, the fox vehicles found the traces of chemicals and it was documented by them.  But as always,...The paper work couldn't be found. However it was found in Gen. Schwarzkopf
personal log it stated that there was chemicals in the battlefield.  The film then goes on to explain how it would be international embarrassment to the U.S. government if it got out that our troops were getting sick due to the weapons that they supplied to Sadam Hussein. 

The White House, DOD, Veterans Administration, the Pentagon and the CIA all got together and began speaking out that this is an illness in their heads, or in other words, they have PTSD.  They also had 3rd parties involved in the testing and left it up to them to determine what the illness is, if any. They reported nothing was found, how convenient, if nothing was found no treatment was required. 

Valuable points regarding those who were seeking medical treatment or getting treatment while deployed is in this documentary.  I highly suggest everyone see’s this documentary, many lessons can be learned and please pass it around to your friends and loved ones.


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Open Disscussion

Have you or someone you know suffered from toxic reactions due to serving over-sea;s ?

If so, please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts, share your story.  The more that speak up, the more we civilians can learn from it and hopefully it will spark a new awareness and perhaps some change for the good can come from it too. 

Editor's Note :

To ALL that has served - I Thank You !!!! Your sacrifices will Never be forgotten !!!